Miller redesigns their Titanium Series welding helmets

Helmets now equipped with InfoTrack technology and improved headgear.

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Miller Electric has introduced a redesigned version their Arc Armor Titanium Series welding helmets. The helmets are for heavy-use/high-amperage applications in fabrication, manufacturing and construction.

New features for the helmet include Miller’s InfoTrack technology, and new headgear for improved comfort.

Miller Titanium 9400i welding helmet

The InfoTrack technology stores “arc-on” time in the helmet so an operator knows how long they’ve spent welding over a given period of time. They can track their work time with a digital clock and use it to set alarms and timers, which can help them better understand their productivity.

The new headgear has with six points of adjustment and has been tested to withstand extreme use. It also features a new external grind button featured on the Titanium 7300 and Titanium 9400 allows welders to switch to grind mode without ever lifting their helmets.

Digital controls with large displays allow welders to adjust modes, shade levels, delay and sensitivity, and the helmet comes with a three-year warranty.

“We’ve thoroughly tested the Titanium Series to make sure it provides the industrial protection and comfort for any industrial environment and for any welder,” says Eric Sommers, a product manager at Miller.

“The updated headgear is more flexible, more durable and the welder is more comfortable for longer periods of time. Under hood time is productive time.”

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