Greenerd Hydraulic builds custom forming press for medical applications

Press features a streamlined design that helps eliminate scrap.

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Greenerd Press & Machine Company announced the completion of a new “engineered to fit” 75-tonne hydraulic forming press for a medical device manufacturer.

The press features a design that gives the manufacturer greater control and a more streamlined production process.

The press, which has helped to reduce scrap, was specifically engineered for a forming process producing titanium blanks to a critical final specification. The press has a 35-tonne cushion cylinder that is also used as a knockout.  A secondary ram mounted 20-tonne cushion/eject has proportionally controlled speed for the eject function.

The Greenerd press provides hydraulic clamping for a quick change-over of tooling, plus RFID identification of tooling to prevent the use of incorrect tool sets and/or tool program mismatch, streamlining the production process.

Greenerd is based in New England and specializes in custom and standard hydraulic presses.

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