Lincoln, IPG Photonics partnership to look at hybrid fiber laser-MIG welding

Partnership between major welding supplier and laser resonator supplier should result in innovative technologies for laser welding

November 8, 2010

Lincoln Electric and IPG Photonics are hoping their new partnership will result in innovative developments in turnkey hybrid fiber laser-MIG welding technologies.

The two companies announced at FABTECH on November 3 they had formed a strategic partnership to explore “global opportunities in the high power laser welding and cutting market.

Lincoln Electric selected IPG to be part of its strategic supplier vendor list in its effort to enhance supply chain and technology development relationships with critical industry partners.

Under the agreement, the two companies will pursue joint ways of providing expanded turnkey hybrid fiber laser-MIG welding solutions to industrial customers around the world. The partnership will also involve cooperative sales, application development and marketing efforts. Examples of potential benefits to be derived from this agreement include collaboration and strategy development toward pursuit of new business opportunities, shared technology development, improved business processes, rapid commercialization, system integration and entry into new markets, applications and customers.

"Our companies have enjoyed an excellent working relationship over the past several years," said Dr. Valentin P. Gapontsev, chairman and CEO, IPG. "Strategic partnering is an effective vehicle to grow market presence, accelerate opportunity creation and strengthen our competitive position. This agreement reinforces our valued relationship with Lincoln Electric, provides a unique forum for persistent engagement at the executive levels of both companies, and ultimately ensures our mutual customer base can enjoy the depth and advantages of the high-performance enabling technologies each company offers."

John M. Stropki, chairman and CEO of Lincoln Electric adds the partnership will allow Lincoln to provide “innovative integrated laser welding solutions to the marketplace. It also affirms our companies' strong commitment to bring maximum value to customers worldwide…fabrication customers around the globe will benefit from the cooperative efforts of IPG and Lincoln Electric to deliver best-in-class, turnkey automated laser and hybrid laser welding solutions that will increase productivity and quality, as well as reduce costs."