Wireless USB system shares data from PC to machines

January 4, 2017

ShopFloor Automations is developing the WiFi USB Connect, a wireless USB system for the manufacturing shop floor. It emulates a USB stick, allowing the user to share data from a PC to machines without the need for drivers.

Data can be stored on a remote PC or locally in the 128-MB device’s memory. The unit gives wireless abilities to floppy drive emulators and CNC machines with a USB port. A selection of transfer modes is available for customized storage.

The system can be set to rename, move, or delete a file after transferring. Data sources include network shares, FTP, email, SMB, and cloud services. Users will see the files at their machines on the USB as soon as they are added to the shared folder. They will not need to walk to the programmer or find them to get needed answers.

ShopFloor Automations