Roll benders can produce pipes more than 59 ft. long

March 17, 2017

Faccin SpA offers the HAV-2P series of NC pipe mill bending rolls for pipe production. The machines are constructed with sturdy electrowelded structures and fitted with three rolls in thermally treated steel alloys.

The rolls are moved independently—the top roll moves vertically, the lower rolls move horizontally—allowing the power of the machine to be used fully, depending on the material thickness. For the production of long pipes with relatively small diameters, the lower rolls are supported by backups for their entire length. The top roll is preloaded to compensate for flexing during plate bending and can be replaced to extend the range of diameters and thicknesses that can be obtained by rolling.

The long bending rolls are designed for rolling plates up to 1-3/4 in. thick and suitable for producing pipes more than 59 ft. long. The roll bender can be paired with a postbending machine that prepares the pipe for welding, as well as a series of outboard motorized guide rollers to move the pipe to the postbending machine.

Faccin Srl


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