Metal Finishing: Electrostatic gun boosts TE

Electrostatic liquid spray gun from Nordson boosts transfer efficiency, cuts material costs

March 1, 2011

The Trilogy electrostatic spray system from Nordson offers what the company describes as an „innovative liquid application technology.“

With the highest kV in the industry at 93 kV, Trilogy guns increase transfer efficiency, reduce material costs and improve part finish. The guns are designed for easy operation and versatility, and includes features such as two atomization technologies—air spray and high volume, low pressure (HVLP)—for most part profiles, and two gun models, manual or automatic, to provide finishers with more versatility. The guns are designed so finishers can easily switch from air spray to HVLP with a quick nozzle change (available with more than 50 fluid tip and air cap combinations.).

It has automatic current limiting for greater control of the gun charge, translating into better part coverage, and an ergonomic, handle-forward design improves operator comfort.

The guns are designed with quick-flush fluid passages for easier cleaning and maintenance. A rugged gun bodies minimize maintenance costs and downtime.