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DMG / Mori Seiki Open House highlights premieres of several speedy, high precision machines

From February 7th to 11th, DMG / Mori Seiki welcomed around 5,000 visitors to an open house at the DECKEL MAHO facility in Pfronten, Germany. The event featured a variety of seminars and lectures, 63 high-tech machines in operation, and five world premieres. Here we feature some of the machines on show at the event.

4-axis machining of bar and chuck parts
The CTX beta 800 4A, from GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH, is a compact centre with TWIN concept for complex 4-axis complete machining of bar, shaft and chuck parts. This turning centre opens up the field of 4-axis production turning to the medium-sized component range up to 735 mm turning length and 300 mm diameter for chuck machining and up to 102 mm clearance respectively for complete machining of bar parts. The centre has a liquid cooled main and counter spindle, two DirectDrive turrets including Y-axis and TRIFIX quick tool change system as well as the patented TWIN concept with traversable counter spindle/tailstock combination.

The DirectDrive in the turrets supplies the driven tools with 34 Nm torque and rpms up to 10,000 min-1 each. Both DirectDrive turrets have a Y-axis, whereby the top turret provides an operational range of ±60, while the bottom turret is traversable by ±40 mm in the Y-direction. Liquid cooled spindles ensure maximum temperature stability in the process and (together with the direct measuring systems in the X-axes) highest production safety and precision, while rapid traverse speeds up to 45 m/min keep process times to a minimum.

Both DirectDrive turrets are equipped with the TRIFIX precision interface at all tool stations. Complicated adjusting inside the machine is now unnecessary. Instead, the tools are positioned in the fixture when changing with the TRIFIX interface, which decreases setup time by up to 80 percent. Furthermore, TRIFIX has proven to have an excellent repeat accuracy in the µm range and a highly stable tool holder.

Performance offensive in horizontal machining
With the DMC 60 H linear, DMG / Mori Seiki features a horizontal machining centre with high precision and continuous accuracy on the one hand, speed and dynamics on the other; add to this extreme reliability in serial production and modular configuration levels as well as intelligent automation concepts for adaptation to individual process chains and factory processes. The centre features high positioning accuracy of less than 4 µm, with a repeat accuracy of less than 6 µm. The linear drives are used for acceleration values of 1 g and speeds of up to 100 m/min, which keeps process times to a minimum. The modular concept provides the flexibility for a customer to always be able to find the right machine configuration for any manufacturing task – from the Powertrain version with direct loading capacity from the top/front to the automated 5-axis machining with integrated swivel-round table.

Possible applications of the DMC 60 H linear include gearbox and coupling housings, cylinder heads or, for example, hydraulic blocks. However, with this most recent model of the DMC H series, DMG / Mori Seiki creates the basis for a broad range of applications, starting with the optimum use of the work area. In the standard version, the maximum workpiece size is ø 800 x 1,030 mm with a weight of up to 600 kg. The travelling column concept enables traverse paths of 630, 800 and 850 mm in X-, Y- and Z-direction. The space requirement for the machine is 11.9 m² for the pallet changer version.

The linear drives of the X-, Y- and Z-axes are at the centre of the machine concept and feature traverse speeds of up to 100 m/min and acceleration values of 1 g. An oil/air lubricated model is used as the main spindle for the standard version with 12,000 min-1. It has a capacity of 20 kW and a torque of 110 Nm. Optionally an 18,000 rpm spindle with 34 kW and 110 Nm is available. For heavy machining, DMG / MORI SEIKI provide a spindle with a powerful torque with 10,000 min-1, 46 kW and 200 Nm.

The compact rotary magazine is one of the highlights of this machine. The basic version of the system has a magazine with 63 tools, which can be extended by four more rings with 60 additional pockets each. It features a slim design of 2,500 mm, a fast provisioning time of 3.4 up to max. 5.6 seconds and chip-to-chip times of 2.2 seconds.

Compact horizontal machining
The compact precision-horizontal machining centre NHX4000 is now built within the scope of the cooperation between DMG and Mori Seiki at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten. Following the world premiere of the NHX4000 with Siemens 840 D solutionline control at the EMO 2011 in Hanover, the NHX4000 with MAPPS IV control, produced at DECKEL MAHO in Pfronten, was presented at the company exhibition in Pfronten. Users now have the entire control competency of DMG / Mori Seiki at their disposal, which will probably help the new NHX series establish itself fully in Europe.

The NHX machine concept is based on Mori Seiki’s NH series, of which more than 6,000 machines have been installed worldwide. The idea behind the machine is to offer quality performance, at a good price and in a compact footprint of just 12.5 m².

Christian Thönes, Board Member of the GILDEMEISTER AG and Managing Director of DECKEL MAHO Pfronten GmbH, notes: “The NHX4000 with its tiered travelling column and a multitude of additional innovative features is a top class horizontal machining centre.” The concerted interaction of the mechanical engineering expertise of DECKEL MAHO and Mori Seiki plays its part therein as much as the adapted Siemens 840D operating system. He continues: “Due to the attractive price and the close proximity to the market in the area of horizontal machining, we are sure to be able to crucially expand our position in this machine segment.”

The workpiece range of the NHX4000 with 400-pallet accommodates workpieces up to 630 mm diameter and 900 mm height. The work area is 560 × 560 × 660 mm (in X x Y x Z). The centre has a circular accuracy of < 1.7 μm (with 2,000 mm/min feed in X and Y as well as 100 mm radius). The linear axes travel at speeds up to 60 m/min, with acceleration values up to 9 m/s². In the process itself, users can choose from spindle rotational speeds in the standard version of up to 12,000 min-1 and a torque of 110 Nm. The high-tech module optionally also provides an 8,000 rpm spindle with 30 kW.

The standard version of the machine has a ring magazine with a capacity of 40 pockets, which can be extended to 60 pockets. The tool changer features a chip-to-chip time of just up to 2.8 seconds. The pallet changing time is 8 seconds.

5-axis milling with automatic 3-fold pallet changer
With the DMC 65 monoBLOCK, DMG / Mori Seiki present their youngest development for complex chipping tasks in highly productive production companies.

The highlight of the new 5-axis machining centre is the automatic pallet changer with three pallets, which is adapted to the machine in a way that the work and setup area remain equally well accessible. Crane loading from the top to the centre of the table is also possible. The floor space required for the system is 16.5 m². The pallets have a size of 500 x 500 mm and can be loaded with workpieces up to 500 kg. The diameter and height of the components reach up to 630 mm and 500 mm respectively.

The combination of highly productive 5-axis milling machine and separately accessible pallet changer reduces setup times in practice and leaves users with enough play for flexible planning. In the area of single piece machining in particular, the concept of the DMC 65 monoBLOCK® plays to its full capacity.

The DMC 65 monoBLOCK has a work area with the dimensions 650 x 650 x 560 mm (in X-, Y- and Z-direction) and houses a fast swivel-round table. A tool magazine with 30 pockets, optionally up to 180 pockets, which can be comfortably operated from the front, has chip-to-chip times of 4.9 seconds. All configuration levels of the tool magazine are integrated directly into the machine, whereby even the magazine for 120 pockets requires no additional space.

The dynamic, universal machine
DMG / Mori Seiki also introduces the DMU 80 eVo with integrated pallet changer. Just one year after its introduction, the 5-axis universal milling machine has quickly developed to become a sales hit, which again gains in versatility and flexibility with its fast pallet changer.

The new DMU eVo generation from DECKEL MAHO Seebach has been completely revised and has now been implemented as gantry. This increases the machine’s stiffness and accuracy. The “optimised gantry” provides (compared to the classic version) improved accessibility from the side as well as larger traverse paths and a bigger work area with less space requirements. The successful concept of the swivel rotary table was maintained, but table load, dynamics and swivel area have been increased.

The system includes traverse paths of 800, 650 and 550 mm in the X-, Y- and Z-direction. The work surface of the swivel-round table is 800 x 700 mm. This can be loaded with 600 kg and has a swivel range of -5 to +110 degrees, which enables undercuts up to 20 degrees. Rapid traversing speeds of 50 min-1 in B- and C-axes provide the DMU 80 eVo with its unique dynamics, which can additionally be increased with the dynamic package: Linear drives in the X-axis and Y-axis increase the speed from 50 m/min to 80 m/min.

The concept of the dynamic universal machine also includes the new pallet changer. It is integrated into the freely accessible work area, without increasing the machine’s footprint considerably, and has changeover cycles of 12 seconds. Whether in the automotive and aerospace industries or in tool making and medical engineering – this solution is suited to both single piece machining and serial production, where it provides the full performance of 5-axis simultaneous machining.

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