Drilling inserts fight stress on cutting edges

December 28, 2016

Walter has released cast iron drilling inserts for new diameters in the high-speed Color Select P6005-WKK45C grade for Xtra·tec® B401x point drills.

These new inserts are available in diameters up to 37.99 mm. With this expansion, the cast iron tools can now be used to drill all holes from 12 to 37.99 mm dia. at depths up to 7xD and holes from 18 to 25.80 mm dia. at hole depths up to 10xD.

The typical cast iron properties such as brittleness as well as irregular structures and surfaces exert stress on cutting edges, which can result in high operating temperatures. The substrate, coating, and geometry of these inserts work to counteract these conditions, the company reports. Its multilayer PVD coating combines wear-resistant and tough layers to ensure optimized hardness and toughness.

These characteristics give the new inserts up to 100 per cent more strength on the cutting edge and better resistance to wear and high temperatures, states the manufacturer.

In addition, the red ISO K coating enables machinists to better gauge the amount of wear on the insert.