Canadian Metalworking

Editor's Picks

  • Neat oil mist collector removes submicron particles
    Filtermist has launched the S Fusion, a high-pressure oil mist collector for removing submicron particles generated in neat oil applications. The system, which is mounted directly to the machine tool, combines a synthetic, self-draining media filter with the company’s centrifugal
  • Clamping system aligns, locks vises and fixtures
    Kurt Workholding has introduced the DockLock® system for small- to large-part workholding. Vises and fixtures mount to the device, allowing users to instantly locate or remove the workholding from a machine or move it offline or to another machine and
  • Ramping cutter processes aluminum
    Walter has introduced the M2131 Sky·tec™ ramping cutter for the machining of nonferrous metals such as aluminum wrought alloys and aluminum lithium alloys. The cutter allows shorter machining time because of its high metal removal rate and increases tool life
  • Inserts are compatible with all line tool bodies
    At IMTS 2016, Walter will exhibit the M4000 program, which uses a new insert system that has a single, basic shape, making it compatible with every M4000 body. The inserts can be used in all tools within this line. Standard