Canadian Metalworking

Editor's Picks

  • Automatic guided cart follows smart tape that can be repositioned
    Handling Specialty has produced a customized automatic guided cart for a truck-body builder that required specific application details and safety options. The cart uses laser guidance to move along a predetermined path set by smart tape—a series of QR codes
  • 2-D optical measuring device measures workpieces in seconds
    Titan Tool Supply Inc. has introduced a mobile, compact 2-D optical measuring device that provides measurements of workpieces in a matter of seconds. Manufactured by Schneider Messtechnik, the V-Cad Rapid offers automatic recognition of geometric primitives (basic shapes) without any
  • Milling cutters designed for trochoidal milling
    Mapal has expanded its OptiMill product family by adding mills for the machining of titanium, high-alloy steels, and other hard materials. A specially engineered, unequal positioning of the five cutting edges in combination with a new geometric layout of the
  • Drilling system machines aerospace landing gear
    Unisig has released the B700 drop bed drilling machine for creating high-precision features on large and irregularly shaped aerospace components such as landing gear struts. The machine also can process medium-sized, more uniformly shaped workpieces with minimal changeover. A 1,600-mm