Canadian Metalworking

Editor's Picks

  • Lift trucks introduced
    Big Lift LLC has added two lift trucks to its Joey line. The J1-190 can reach a working height of 22 ft. and accommodates a large battery for extended run times. The J2-72 is a low-level order picker that features
  • Encoders simplify machine safety designs
    Heidenhain offers Leine & Linde 850 shaft and 862 hollow-shaft encoders. This technology allows incremental encoders to be applied where safe operation of machinery is necessary without requiring a redundant encoder or secondary sensing device. The products are certified for
  • Mist collector designed for metalworking industry
    Clarcor Industrial Air has introduced the SHM SmogHog® media mist collector. Designed for the metalworking industry, it uses a three-stage filtration process that progressively reduces the mist concentration, resulting in greater than 99 percent particle removal efficiency, says the company.
  • High-feed cutter processes difficult-to-machine steels
    The Pramet Penta HF high-feed cutter from Dormer Pramet can be used across various applications on multiple materials, including heat-treated and difficult-to-machine steels, stainless steels, and heat-resistant superalloys. The cutter features internal coolant on body for deep-cavity milling and helical