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Mills deliver consistent performance

The new WIDIA M1200 face milling program from Tyson Tool has been specifically designed to deliver consistent performance in demanding face-milling applications. 

Ideally suited for rough face milling applications in the general
engineering and automotive industries, the new M1200 cutter has a 45º
lead angle to permit the highest feed rates possible, but also offers
12 true cutting edges that lower overall cost per edge. The milling
program is available in coarse or fine pitch, from a diameter range of
Ø2.000 to Ø6.000, with through coolant capability. Designed in
conjunction with the new 45º WIDIA HNGJ-535 inserts, the robust
negative hexagonal inserts include a super positive rake angle of up to
26º, built into the chipbreaking form to reduce cutting forces by up to
30% over traditional negative 45º cutters.

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